Master Bill of Material

Master Bill of Material

Master Bill of Material Features

Master V4

    Go to Stock/ Service Item to create RAW MATERIALand FINISHED GOODS To our advice :RAW MATERIAL item code start from (R) and FINISHED GOODS start from (F)

    1 Stock - Manufacturing - BOM

    • Bill of Material
    • Create new BOM Code
    • Select Stock Code
    • Assemby Cost
    • Project /Location (If necessary)

    • Select BOM Code Click BOM Inquiryto check available stock quantity Inquiry (F5)to view details
    • AllowExport (F9)to Excel

    • You also can check available stock quantity when issue Sales Order.
    • Stock Option - (6) Other - Display 3 - Tick "Show BOM Item in Sales Order" click the"B"button to select item code, after select you can view the stock balance at bottom.
    • But, before that you have to do setting at Stock Option

    • Job Order

    • After issue Sales Order, Go to Stock - Manufacturing BOM - Job Order
    • ClickLoad From.. Transfer From Sales Orderto select which doc you want to load. 1 Job Order 1 production, although you have 5 items in a Sales Order

    • Stock Assembly

    • After complete Job Order, click"Copy To…. Transfer To Stock Assembly"

    • In addition, you can transfer from Job Sheet and Invoice

      Stock Disassembly (Less raw material or return)

      • Create new Stock Disassembly
      • Reference No/ Debtor Code/ BOM Code/ Quantity/ UOM/
      • From Assembly No : Key in Assembly doc no. which doc or BOM code you want to disassembly.
      • Serial No /Project /Description (If necessary)


    Manufacturing Inquiry
    • BOM of Material Inquiry - The balance quantity of Raw Material

    • Stock BOM Item Inquiry

    • Sales Order Job Flow Inquiry

    • Outstanding Job Order Inquiry - Allow direct Transfer to Stock Assembly